Skills Guitar, Horse Riding (western), Stage combat (sword, archery, quarterstaff etc.), fluent French, balloon modeling, magician, Voice-Overs, radio, comedy.
Accents American, British regional, Northern Ireland.
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Martin joined the Anna Scher Theatre in London at the age of 12, making his professional debut in 1972, working for the BBC. He appeared in many dramas and children’s TV programs, including playing Davis in ‘Scum’.
Since then, Martin has gone on to appear in numerous film,TV and theatre productions including Eastenders (BBC), Fair City (RTE), The Rocky Horror Show (Tivoli) and Michael Collins (Warner Bros.).
Martin spent time as ringmaster for the American Circus and teaches drama classes for children.
He wrote, directed and performed in his own production; Sounds a Bit Irish (Vicar St.) and directed Private Lives (Civic Theatre).