Skills Credited writer, devising, directing, puppetry, clowning, Alto singing range, Irish dancing, contemporary movement
Accents General/Regional Irish, General/Regional American, General/Regional British, RP, Scandinavian/European

Cait is an Irish film, TV and theatre actress.

Her training includes:

Fishamble; the new Playwriting Company    –    Playwriting Course
Shakespearean Workshop   –   w/Marty Rea/The Druid Theatre, Galway
Comedia Del Arte   –   Antonio Flava’s School of Comedia, Reggio, Italy
Shakespearean Text and Performance    –  w/Karen Tomlin/ Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts, London
Fourth Monkey Theatre Company   –   Repertory School, London
Clowning Sessions    –   w/Mitch Michaelson/ Italia Conti, London
Bunraku Puppetry      – w/Tom Espiner /FM Repertory Theatre, London
University College Cork (UCC)    –   Governmental Politics and English.