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Ann Curtis has been an established agent within the Irish acting community for over 25 years. Ann began her illustrious career as a legal secretary within the entertainment industry, thus giving her in-depth experience and knowledge of the contracts she would later come to negotiate on behalf of her clients.

Ann prides herself on having close and trusting relationships with all her clients, gaining the title the ‘Actor’s Agent’ amongst many in the industry.

Ann has provided an eclectic, diverse and talented mix of actors for many well-known productions over her vast career including Fair City, Vikings, Badlands, Game of Thrones, Veronica Guerin, The Tudors, In the Name of the Father…the list goes on!!  Ann has had some involvement in nearly every Irish film made in the last 25 years!

Ann continues to build her portfolio with fresh, new and up and coming talent and is always on the lookout for same.

The majority of our talent are Irish or Irish based, however many have bases in the UK and Europe and welcome opportunities to work abroad.

Ann Curtis Agency

101 Collins Avenue West • Whitehall • Dublin 9
Phone: +353 (0)1 8327708
Email: info@anncurtis.ie

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