Gina Costigan

Skills Horse riding, Fluent Irish speaker, Piano player, Tin whistle player
Accents Proficient in all Irish, British, American, Russian, Nordic Central and Eastern European Accents

Gina Costigan CV

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Gina Costigan is an Irish Film & Television and Theatre actress. She is a fluent Irish speaker.

Gina’s training and awards include:

  • New York Conservatory for Dramatic Art- Distinction AA in Performance for Film and Television
  • Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts- Contemporary Theatre Course
  • Queen’s University Belfast- Honors BA Drama Degree (Nominated for Best Supporting Actress at ISDA)
  • Top 40 Under 40 2019 Awardee (Irish Echo)
  • Nominated for Best Actress at the 2018 Origin’s 1st Irish Theatre Festival Awards
  • Nominated for Best Actress at the 2015 Strawberry One-Act Festival

Classical Training: Christopher Carter Sanderson, Donnacadh O’Briain, Rachel O’Riordan

Comedy/ Improvisation: Judith Searcy

Dance: Karl Maier